Your team

Status has almost 30 years of trusted travel management experience. Our relationships—built on commitment, transparency, skill and experience (with a healthy dose of warmth and humor)—sets us apart from the rest. We are proud to manage travel for financial, apparel, entertainment, advertising, media, and real estate businesses of all sizes. We partner with your company to serve immediate and effective travel solutions to fit your evolving business needs; providing around-the-clock concierge-level care to each of our customers. We believe that travel matters.

Marian Lyn

Marian Lyn founded Status more than 20 years ago. Every day, from morning to night, she provides hands-on assistance for her clients’ travel needs. She believes in working hard for her clients as the rewards are well worth the effort. The relationships she built over her 20 years in the travel industry have enriched both her career and personal life. Her clients remain with her long-term because of her dedication to creating seamless journeys for them.

Whether for a corporate travel or a personal trip, for one person or one hundred, Marian and Status are there for their clients. Whether it’s a day-trip to Detroit, or an exotic vacation for a month, Status is there for them. Whether the client is a startup or established company, Status is there for them. Whether a client is high-profile or brand new to the agency, Status is there for them. That has been our way of doing business for two decades and will continue for the next two.

This business was built on the trust that Status clients have in knowing: wherever you are, Status is there for you.

Lori Zuckerman

Lori Zuckerman has made a career of advising clients with her signature candor and savvy, first as a recruiter in finance and accounting, and for the last 12+ years as a travel manager focused on high-stakes business travelers. She is a partner in Status, a Tzell Travel affiliate based in Las Vegas, where she creates seamless experiences for her roadwarrior clients. As owner and hands-on travel manager, she offers clients her intuitive instincts and entrepreneurial spirit while seeking the best experience for their corporate travel. She prides herself on knowing exactly what is happening so she can offer proactive support to her clients on the road. Lori is proud to have mutual trust with her clients, who know that no matter what happens during a trip, Lori has their back. It’s not about the problem, it’s about the solution. Lori received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University.